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What Makes us a Top Content Writing Company?

Content is something that visually & subconsciously connects the dots in the reader’s mind. The moment it creates the appeal, amazing things like engagement starts showing up. We strongly believe that the power of content writing services & development is infinite. Just like a human brain, its full potential is yet to be explored.


The Initial process is more of understanding the market and top competitors. Create Customized Budgets based on Client’s requirement. Identifying the Customer’s product is very important as developing the content around the niche becomes that much smoother. The key here is to identify the customer’s niche.


Our Brainstorming sessions are more of sharing ideas & creating strategies. Based on that we  create Step-wise approach more like a Flow Chart. Assigning the best men for content writing, video and graphics creation helps us to deliver better customer experience when it comes to content writing services in Bangalore and other cities in India.


Next comes the execution part where we ensure by taking an approval from the clients on the product experience. Such an approach ensures better and On-time Delivery and makes sure Quality and Top Class Client satisfaction. Our content development services ensures client’s success in web arena and Search Engine Rankings.

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Importance of Content Writing Services

First of all, let us understand what is content? In simple words, anything on print or online is content. Content can be an image, video, audio, blogs/articles, etc. Everyone talks about Content Marketing but not many speak about the role of creativity in content. Passion is the most important ingredient when it comes to creating content. Creativity without Passion is like a mirage in the Kalahari desert.

The Top Content Writing Agencies are those who place the client’s interest above everything. We, at ProtoContent (A Top Content Writing Company in Bangalore, India), are a proud group of Content Engineers with just the perfect attitude to understand situations. We don’t believe in quick fixes. A long term strategy in terms of Content development, Lead Generation, or marketing as a whole has always been our strongest point. Our website content services and blogs are completely White Hat SEO friendly which means quick search engine rankings. The idea is to keep it simple yet loud and astounding.

The SEO game has changed over the years and so did the Quality in Content development. This Age of Digital explosion is decided on how easily the content is consumed by the Target Audience. Our premium & varied content writing services make us a Top Content Writing Company in Bangalore, India and other countries. The latest changes in Google Indexing is a clear indication that content will be the deciding factor in Search Engine Results. That makes Content Development the trump card in Web Rankings.

Our Services:

  • SEO Friendly Content Writing Services.
  • Creating Viral Blogs.
  • Engaging Social Media posts.
  • Audio Podcasts.
  • Videos on Company Intro & Services.
  • Lead Generation.
  • Search Engine Rankings.
  • Create & manage Paid Campaigns.
  • Weekly Reports & 14/7 Customer Support.

Our Vision

As a group, we have a common vision and that is Quality plus On-time Delivery. We understand Clients’ SLA and we reset our workload based on the same. Our Content writers & developers are from different backgrounds and that makes us who we are. The best thing is mutual respect for each other and all technologies that we bring in to the table. With such understanding, belief comes easily when we undertake any projects which ensure 100% focus on the solution. 

Our work culture is based on the belief of “Keeping it Simple”. Whether its SEO Blog Content Writing services or a Video podcast we follow the process & work towards providing the best customer experience. A popular writer, ‘Napolean Hill’ once wrote: “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed”. Such beliefs and ethics make us one of the very Best Content Writing Companies in Bangalore, India & other regions.

Top content writing company in Bangalore, India. SEO friendly & unique content.
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